“Announcement for the “16th Symposium on Disaster Mitigation of Cultural Heritage and Historical Cities” and Call for Papers to the Presentation”

Challenges in protecting cultural heritage sites and historical cities from natural hazards and man-made disasters still require immediate attentions and ideas for the resolutions. This year, we will once again host the “Symposium on Disaster Mitigation of Cultural Heritage and Historical Cities” and hold debates pertaining to disaster mitigation for cultural heritage sites and historical cities. We are soliciting both refereed papers and non-refereed reports in accordance with the guidelines and welcome your submissions.

The award ceremony for the15th Children’s Map Contest for Community Safety was held on Saturday, 23 Octorber, 2021 in the blue skies of autumn. This contest is designed for children for primary schools to raise awareness of disaster prevention, crime prevention and road safety by having children together with guardians or members of their family, local residents, and teaching staff, work to investigate the safety and security of their local areas and describe the results into maps. The winners together with their parents, sponsors and staff from the Institute for Disaster Mitigation of Urban Cultural Heritage, gathered at Ritsumeikan University’s Kinugasa Campus for the awards ceremony to celebrate their achievements.

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“Fire Broke Out in the Main Hall and Surrounding Buildings of Shuri Castle”

The fire that broke out in the main hall and surrounding buildings of Shuri Castle
was a shocking incident that reminds us of the necessity for the disaster mitigation
of cultural heritage and historic cities. Shuri Castle continues to be loved by not
only the local people but also people in other regions. It has been used for all sorts
of activities. This fire made us realize the importance band meaning of cultural
heritage, and it renewed our awareness of the importance of protecting our cultural