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Research Project

Space-time Data Infrastructure for Historic Cultural Cities

Space-time Data Infrastructure for Historic Cultural Cities By assessing hazards, evaluating historical designs, and improving technological effectiveness, this study aims to establish new disaster mitigation technologies having both “historical, cultural, and design values” and “disaster mitigation capability.”

Disaster Mitigation Technology for Historic Cultural Cities

Disaster Mitigation Technology for Historic Cultural Cities This deals with developing plans and policies for disaster mitigation and community design by taking into account the characteristics and needs of the local society. It further aims to safeguard historical spaces from disasters while preserving their important environmental and cultural values.

Disaster Mitigation Design for Historic Cultural Cities

To establish new disaster mitigation technologies of historic and cultural cities uniting both “historic, cultural and design values” and “disaster mitigating performance”, develop seismic design and seismic retrofitting technologies and fire protection systems by taking advantage of traditional wisdom and regional history and culture, and propose disaster mitigation countermeasures of historic and cultural regions by assessing geo-environments and hazards.

Disaster Technology for Cultural Heritages

Disaster technologies for cultural heritages such as buildings constructed by historical and traditional techniques and technologies are developed to protect against disasters in consideration of site, geographical and geological conditions.

Historical Disaster Research Group

Historical disaster research group is going to perform three researches (construction of database, restoration and extraction of the wisdom, expression methods and mapping using GIS).

Disaster Mitigation Planning in Cultural Heritage and Historical Cities

Disaster Mitigation Planning in Cultural Heritage and Historical Cities We conduct the research activities required for the disaster mitigation planning in cultural heritage and historical cities, such as investigation methods, reasonable planning methods and evaluation methods of disaster mitigation planning.

Study Group on Defense System of Man-made Hazard for Cultural Heritage

This study group will develop “real-time high-performance monitoring and defense system” to defend cultural heritage against animal damages by raccoons, man-made disasters such as the theft of art industrial objects, the arson to history buildings.

Study Group on Policy for Inheritance and Conservation of
Historic Cities and Cultural Heritages

This study group addresses policies to balance between tourism to cultural heritages including world heritages and disaster mitigation for cultural heritages, and policies for budget plans and donation enhancement for inheritance and conservation of cultural heritages.

Research and Support Program for International Cooperation and Outreach

This program aims: to support training programs for disaster management of cultural heritages, such as “the International Training Course on Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage,” to develop GIS-aided methods to share the information on disaster management of cultural heritages; and to construct digital archives of Cultural Heritage and Historic Urban Environment.