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Great East Japan Earthquake Evacuation Support Kits (i-BOUSAI) Emergency Assistance Joint Project: Activity Report

The Ritsumeikan University Research Center for Disaster Mitigation of Urban Cultural Heritage has set up an Emergency Assistance Joint Project for the speedy delivery of its evacuee support kits known as “i BOUSAI” (a coined word, pronounced “ai-bousai”), developed with Kochi University as one of the projects to mark the 110th year of the founding of Ritsumeikan University. A distinctive feature of these kits is that unlike other emergency evacuation products and conventional supplies they focus on alleviating the mental and psychological stress of disaster victims. The psychological stress experienced due to prolonged stays in evacuation centers and temporary housing is an acknowledged problem which can lead to serious mental and physical illness, even disaster-related death, but as was illustrated at the time of the Great Hanshin Earthquake of 1995 tends to become a secondary issue in the context of public aid. To help reduce the mental stress of people in disaster-affected areas, the Center has developed four types of kits, in the hope of providing just a little tangible sense of relief to help relax tension between people, and family, and provide a little bit of extra support amidst the stress of life in evacuation centers. The first of its “i BOUSAI” kits has already been delivered to disaster-affected regions. The kit focuses on the theme of “feeling beautiful”, and includes various items to help women and children relax while living in communal emergency centers.
The supplies included in the kits being sent to the disaster-affected regions are the results of donations made by corporate sponsors and individuals who responded to appeals for ideas made through this website and various media. Our sincere thanks to all those who responded so speedily to our urgent requests.

・First Delivery: Packed 30 March, 2011. Destination: Evacuation centers in Fukushima, Iwate and Miyagi Prefectures.
・Second Delivery: Packed 21 April, 2011. Destination: Ishinomaki city and Onagawa town in Miyagi Prefecture.

The packaged materials include selections of the following items:
Lip salve, stick-on mirrors, ear plugs, LED lights, essential oils, wet tissues, sore-throat gargle, skin care samples, make-up bags, beauty supplies, women’s underwear, hair accessories, mouthwash, honey, soap, body soap, hand cream, handkerchiefs, hand towels, amenity kits, etc.