Research Highlights

The research program in the 2013 fiscal year (Historical disaster research group)

Historical disaster research group is going to perform three researches (construction of database, restoration and extraction of the wisdom, expression methods and mapping using GIS).

●Create a database of knowledge on historical disasters and disaster mitigation

Collect historical materials and literature regarding knowledge on domestic and international historical disasters and disaster mitigation, organize the data in a formatted sheet, and create a database. This year the section meeting will focus on collecting domestic cases.

Investigative Research on City Planning for Disaster Mitigation in Historical Cities
Based on “City Planning for Disaster Mitigation in Historical Cities” by residents’ workshop as “Disaster Imagination Game”, research for deregulation of fire regulation will be considered.
Ex. For Yamamoto-dori Historic District in Kobe
1 Confirm the area’s disaster mitigation plan established at workshops
2 Organize issues for each phase of the project
3 Consider priority disaster mitigation projects that will be conditions for the law revision

●Research on restoration of historical disaster and extraction of the wisdom of disaster mitigation

●Research on expression methods of historical disaster and mapping using GIS


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