Research Highlights

Main subjects of Disaster technology for cultural heritages


Disaster technologies for cultural heritages such as buildings constructed by historical and traditional techniques and technologies are developed to protect against disasters in consideration of site, geographical and geological conditions.

Model areas
・Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture
・Sasayama Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings in Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture
・Miyamachokita, Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings in Nantan City, Kyoto prefecture
・Ayutthaya, Kingdom of Thailand

(1) Establishment of Reinforcement Manual for Traditional Wooden Buildings in Takayama City

For preservation and disaster prevention of traditional wooden buildings in Takayama City, the reinforcement manual will be established. First, structural detail observations, durability surveys and fireproof performance surveys of traditional wooden buildings are conducted under combined effort of local government and practical workers such as designers and carpenters. The reinforcement manual will be established and presented to Takayama City on the basis of these researches. Facilitate the reinforcement of traditional wooden buildings by using the manual. The structural detail observations of traditional wooden buildings in Takayama City have been carried out.

Traditional wooden buildings and old cityscape in Hida-Takayama.

(2) Development of an Area Information Network for Disaster Mitigation

If the fire alarm information detected by residential fire alarms can be shared throughout the area, citizens in the area can respond to fires in the initial stage and/or quickly evacuate. (Patent acquired)
To share information in the case of a fire, combine with the current system, evaluate through empirical drills, and implement appropriately in the area.
Now, in cooperation with private company, the preparation of market research in historic districts as Sasayama and Miyama-kita are started.

(3) Development of a Fire Hydrant that Can Be Used Daily by Residents

Development of daily useable equipment has possibilities for easy-maintenance and training-free. For citizen’s hydrant, we have to solve some challenges as below. The hose is heavy. Abrasion is caused from friction between the hose and ground. Storing the hose and draining water is troublesome.
We will build an advanced prototype and estimate by citizen’s users.

(4) Developing and applying technology for disaster mitigation to Ayutthaya Cultural Heritages in Thailand

In Ayutthaya located in a flood-prone area in Thailand, subsidence and cant of cultural heritages can be seen which may lead to their collapse. The study aims to propose disaster mitigation plan for cultural heritages based on the results from analysis on countermeasures against subsidence and cant and flood simulation.

Inclined brick monuments due to ground subsidence.


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