Research Highlights

Study Group on Defense System of Man-made Hazard for Cultural Heritage


This study group will develop “real-time high-performance monitoring and defense system” to defend cultural heritage against animal damages by raccoons, man-made disasters such as the theft of art industrial objects, the arson to history buildings.

1) Information gathering and rearranging about the example of measures in regard to man-made disasters and animal damages
Through surveying the owner of a cultural property, information gathering will be performed for shrines and temples about the arson and animal damages (particularly a raccoon).  Furthermore, “a place” of the discussion about the future countermeasure and the present situation will be hold by installing seminars such as an information exchange study meeting (temporary name) and the collaborative relationship with related organizations.

2) Characteristic analysis by spatiotemporal distribution of damages
By analyzing damage information of man-made disasters and animal damages on GIS, and analyzing the characteristic of a crime and frequency of raccoon appearance, we pursue the development of more effective countermeasure.

3) Development of the automatic image recognition system
Through developing the automatic image recognition technology of a person and a raccoon, and quantification of a suspicious action (crime practice) as a risk, we will construct an early warning system.

4) Proofing experiment with the real-time high-performance monitoring system
Proofing experiment in Kennin temple and Ninna-ji Temple has been undergone by “Committee of Shinto shrine Buddhist temple security system study consortium” which is consisted of Ritsumeikan University Institute of Disaster Mitigation for Urban Cultural Heritage, three companies and one corporate juridical person. In order to improve the recognition precision, we analyze misconception rates from provided proof experimental data.

5) Plan for cooperative activities
・Cooperative study with Committee of Shinto shrine Buddhist temple security system study consortium (3-4 times / a year)
・For the announcement of results, seminar will be hold at any time. (The first seminar will be hold at 2013.08.01)
・For spreading information, workshop for exchange information(temporary name) or feeding information by using Home Page are under consideration.
・Cooperation with another institutes for historical city disaster prevention is also under consideration.

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